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Being Connected

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There is an interesting situation in the work place these days caused by the social networking sites.

The baby-boomer generation would socialize through associations and clubs after work or in the evenings. Associations like Round Table, Jaycees, Lions, etc. thrived on people’s need to be connected and to belong. Pubs and clubs also drew people to their establishments as a way to connect with like minded people.

The internet has created a whole new window for people to connect with one another. From major sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. to privately held smaller sites that bring a small group together, they all provide the opportunity to connect in a different way.

The trouble is, the current generation see these as normal ways to communicate and stay in touch. They have never really known a time when this was not available to them. So they think of something and send a short message to their friend or colleague. The fact they are at work, does not even enter their heads.

Is this wrong? At first glance it could be considered as using company time for personal use and not for work. But recent research has shown that this assumption is not correct in every case.

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A Big Thank You & Welcome

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for signing up to Thoughts on Leadership again.  I am sorry that some of you had to come over here to sign up again, but there is a good reason.  We can’t upload your information onto the new system, it all to do with stopping SPAM, which we are 100% in agreement.

We have recently added some new content and hope you are enjoying it.  Please let us know your thoughts and feelings about the site, show and content.  You can email us at, you can also use the same address if you would like to send in a question you would like Paul to answer.  Some of the answers will be recorded into the monthly TOL, some will only be replied to.  Either way we will endeavour to get back to you.

Paul was recently speaking in Torino at  the European Meetings and Events Conference, where he took some time to interview some key figures in the meetings industry.  If you want to see the video go to or if you wanted to see Paul’s Opening Session Address in Torino head over to MPI WEB

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