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Are You Worth Coaching?

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Coaching: Are You Worth It?
Remember you can also WATCH or LISTEN to TOL.

I think it worth starting by defining what is coaching?  People talk about mentoring and coaching in an interchangeable manner but in reality they are different.  First of all, it may be easier to understand it if we saw the two as opposite ends of a line than two separate entities.

Mentoring is about sharing knowledge that the mentor has with the person being mentored.  The dictionary describes it as “a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher” and goes on to use words like “sponsor, supporter, advisor”.  In other words, it is someone with knowledge that the person being mentored does not have.

At the other end of the line we have coaching.  Coaching is used a lot in sports where the coach prepares the team to be able to play their sport or be the athlete they want to be.  Again the dictionary describes it as “a private tutor that prepares someone….”.  Here we see the emphasis on preparing someone rather than teaching them.

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