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So You Want Change? What Are You Doing About It?

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Change Barometer In December of 2009 I went to a number of conferences where I heard people say; “Oh I’ll be glad when this year is over and we can start afresh next year”.  Hey, what is this?  Is there a reset button on life?  Life is a continuum.  It isn’t a day where you can cut this bit and then just go back and restart. You want change? What are you doing about it?  You won’t get change in your organization unless you are prepared to change.  I read a report recently that said that 50% of directors interviewed say that they “felt that their organization had not reacted well to the financial downturn”.  A lot of organizations went into reaction mode, a lot of them stayed in reaction mode.  A lot of them have not looked forward and said, “well what will the world be like after this?” They are not conceiving the idea of reinventing themselves or asking where they are adding value.

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