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Recessions Not Over Until the Lessons Are Learnt

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Recessions Not Over Until the Lessons Are Learnt

Welcome to another thoughts on leadership. This month I want to talk to you about this economic turmoil that we’ve been through. However, many will say that we are heading for a double dip. And before we go any further, this months thoughts on leadership is going to be a good question for you to think about. And it is this; the recession is not over until we have learned the lessons.

Have you learned the lessons? There are a couple of lessons that I am talking about here. First of all, how did you go about dealing with the situation when you knew that the recession was starting? A lot of people did ‘knee jerk stuff’. A lot of people immediately went into slashing and cutting and all the rest of it. I am not saying those are the wrong things to do but I’m saying that there is a balance you need and I will come back to that.

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