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Welcome to this month’s Thought on Leadership.  This month I am returning to one of my favourite subjects and that’s the subject of integrity, something I feel strongly about.

What do you stand for?  What are you really – what are your principles?  Those are the things that I want to really focus on.

I think it was Groucho Marx who said: “I have got principles; you don’t like those, I’ve got more.”  And that’s what I find in people, they say they have got principles, they say what they stand for, but when it actually comes to the test, you find that they are different people altogether.

As a leader we cannot afford this.  Integrity is too important.  Integrity is constantly building that relationship with people, making those deposits in their emotional bank account, building that relationship with them, so that the integrity between the two of you is strong.  This enables you to be a more effective leader.

So what are your principles?  Do you really think about it?  Because often we say: “Oh, we’ve got our principles, we know what we stand for” etc, etc, etc, but when it comes down to it we find that we give way.  In fact, I sometimes joke with people, those I hear saying “I stand by my principles” and then actually what I find is that they spend their time ‘sitting on them’.

So what I ask you to do is really think about those principles.  What do you really stand for?  And are you true to these principles?  You know how it can be – to give you a silly example if you like – you are approaching a set of traffic lights, they go from green to yellow, do you put your foot on the accelerator or do you put your foot on the brake?  Ok, if you are a person who abides by the law then you put your foot on the brake so then you stop and you wait until the traffic light turns green again.  But if you are that person who goes: “Oh no! I have good principles, but on this occasion I am in a hurry.” Is that what you’ve ended up doing?  If you have, I can tell you what’ll happen, you will be in a hurry this time and then you’ll do it again and then you’ll do it again and the next thing you’ll find is that you are doing it out of habit, and not really realising what you are doing.

So the question is; what do you stand for and are you still standing for what’s important to you?

Think back to the way you were ten, fifteen years ago – what was important to you then and is it still important to you now?  Have you allowed it to slip away from you?  If you have deliberately stepped away from it well that is a different situation.  But if you have allowed it to just slip away from you that is not good.

So questions for this month, think back, what do you stand for?

  • Do you still stand for what you think that you stand for?
  • What are you doing about demonstrating it?
  • What are you doing about showing people because it’s alright saying “Oh I have these principles”, but if people don’t know what they are then they don’t really know the real you.

I hope this has been helpful, have a tremendous month enjoy the summer.

Look forward to seeing you next month, bye for now.


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