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Work Out Of Your Job

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Hi and welcome to another Thoughts on Leadership.

I’ve often used the expression “Leadership is the art of working your way out of a job.” It’s one of my favourite definitions of leadership.

Leadership really is about finding a way of extracting yourself from your current job and allowing the people around you to be effective, in other words, operate without you.  If, the business depends upon you as, an individual and you solely, that is actually putting the business in a very unsafe position.

Recently, I got to think about this a little bit more than that, instead of just seeing it as leadership as in running a business, what about leading our own life?  How good are we at working our way out of our current position?  Now that doesn’t mean I am saying work your way out of your marriage or work your way out of your relationship with your children or anything of that nature.  That’s not it at all.  What I am saying is what are you doing about getting so close, and getting so close to ground that as a result, you don’t take time to step back.  You don’t take time to really look at things and move away from things.

Really thinking about: “How can I work my way away from this?”  “How do I give myself some time to just relax and enjoy and do what I do?”

So this month, what I want you to do is to think about your life.

1. What are you doing and how much of a rut are you really in?

Are you taking the time to work your way out of the situation you are currently in?  For example, if you think about your wife and your children, your partner, etc. Your relationship with them will change as the years go by, if you are going to remain the same then you are probably not going to be the most effective in your relationship whether that be as a parent, or son/daughter, or husband/wife, friend, whatever it is.  So what are you doing about adapting and moving in that relationship, in a positive way?

2. In terms of business, what are you doing about taking time out?

Just go out and take some time to think, and think differently, think beyond where you are at this moment in time.

What are you doing about that and how you actively working at it on a day-by-day basis?  Don’t let yourself get so close to the ground that you just don’t see anything outside of your world.  Take the time to step back.

I hope it’s been interesting for you all this month.

I wish you all the best and we’ll see you again next month!

Bye for now!

– Paul

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