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Learning and Teaching

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My apologises for the previous update to Thoughts on Leadership.  For some reason we posted up last months information.  Also remember our new site Bridle Infocus

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Hi and welcome to another thoughts on leadership.  This month we are going to talk about learning and teaching.

You see, when it comes to leadership, there’s a great expression: “No one can teach you leadership but you can learn it.”  People can teach you principles, yes, but in terms of being a leader and developing yourself as a leader, you could only learn that.

It’s a little bit like riding a bike.  I can teach you the principles of it, I can show you how to learn to ride a bike but at the end of the day, your style of riding and the way that you ride the bike is something that you would develop for yourself.   And so it is with being a leader.  We could teach, we could read books, you can find out about being a leader.  It can give you some excellent principles but what’s down to you is learning actually how you are going to apply these principles and developing your style.  Because with different people, different groups, if you’re leading this group – the way that you lead them will need to be different to the way that you lead that one.  No one can say this is what you need to do and applies across the board.

So this month, what I am asking you to consider is this, do you even know what your style is?  Do you spend that time to consider about how you can constantly learn and develop yourself?  Because if you wanting control of that learning, if you want taking the ownership for the learning element on it and instead relying on someone else to teach you, then you’re never really going to be an effective leader.  Great leaders are always learning because learning is an ongoing process, no matter how long we go alive, things will change and we will have to re-learn sometimes what we think we already know.

So the questions this month are;
Are you learning or are you relying on someone else to teach you?

So, I hope that’s giving you something to think about this month.  Really, what is it you are doing?  Are you waiting to be taught or are you learning – are you taking control while learning and moving with your learning?

Okay, have a great month then.  We’ll see you again next month!  Bye for now!


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