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Connected People

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Welcome to another months Thoughts on Leadership.  This one is called “Connect-ability”.

You see, you want your people to connect and give it their best when they come to work for you.  You want them to be there with you and while they are with you, to give their best.  But the question I wanted to ask you this month is how connectable are you?  Are you the type of organisation that people can connect to it and worse than that, are you the type of organisation only one type of person can connect to it?

There are a variety of reasons why people want to connect with you.  Some people want to connect because they just want to belong; they want to be a part of something, because something excites them.  There are others who want to connect as they have got a unique ability and they want a place to express that ability.  With some people it’s because they want a place where they can learn and grow, others it’s nothing to do with the business; it’s to do with what it can provide for them outside their workplace.

I can remember when I was very much younger, I needed to earn some money really quickly, it was something I needed to do for nine months, as I wouldn’t be in a position to earn money for due to a health problem that I needed to get resolved.  I was stuck in one place for a period of time, about nine months.  I just took a job.  It was a very menial job, I was working in a factory, but I just needed to work, earn money and then be able to move on once I had overcome my health issue.

I went into that and as long as I could do well in that and earn the money I needed in that, I was fully engaged with what we were doing.  I engaged with the people, I engaged with the job and I did very well out of it, I earned a lot of money in a very short period of time and was able to move on.  Would I have wanted to do that for the rest of my life?  No.  If you ask me to do that job today or any other stations then, would I do it? Probably not! But at that time, I connected because it gave me what I needed.

The question for this month is simply: Do you take the time to understand why people are in your business?  What is the connect-ability of your business that allows you to get the best out of your people?

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Have a great month!

See you again next month!

Bye for now.

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