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Building Trust

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Main Feature

Hi, and welcome to another ‘Thoughts on Leadership’.

This month is about ‘Building Trust’.

I want to challenge you this month about building trust.  It is necessary to build trust with our customers, with our staff, in fact with everybody. it’s about building trust. But what does it really require?  There are a lot of things involved.  First of all it starts with being trustworthy.  I know what you are going to say.  You’re going to say, “hang on a minute, I am trustworthy.”  Yes, of course you are, but to whom?  Okay, I am sure that Fagan (from Charles Dickens, Oliver) was trustworthy to his little kids at that time.  You see, trustworthy depends on the person you are dealing with.  Are you worthy of my trust?  Am I somebody that when I place this trust with you, that you are worthy of that trust?

Think about that – think, in the day and age where we are now – where you have a brand, people trust that brand, they trust your brand.  It stands for what you are.  People that work for you trust your brand of leadership.  Your style of leadership is your brand.  So either they trust you or they do not trust you.  And so we’re really going to get down into this and say, “Am I worthy of the people’s trust who I am wanting to lead?”  Whether it be customers, clients, staff, and family members — whoever it is — am I worthy of their trust?  That’s the question I want you to think about this month.  Think about the people that are important to you.  Think about the people who matter to you in your life that will matter to you in the future.

Do these people see you as somebody worthy of their trust?  In other words, can they invest in you by giving you their trust knowing that you are worthy of it and you give them the return on that investment?  That is a heavy thing to think about but it’s important.  So I hope that question has been useful for you this month.

Think about it and have a great month.

We’ll see you again next month.

Bye for now!

– Paul

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