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Challenging – The Way to Move Forward in Business

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Hi and welcome once more. An interesting title to use I know but I have been really thinking about this recently. I am going to go back slightly to something I have spoken about before.  Think about the top performers, athletes, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, business people or outstanding teachers etc. They all have a certain trait in common.  They are people who do not see it a a challenge, a limitation, an issue or an obstacle.  They see it as an opportunity to excel, grow and learn.  I have interviewed teachers who say “teaching children is great and very rewarding, but the most rewarding moments are when a child is struggling to grasp the concept and we help them get over the hurdle”.  Those children have an obstacle and they are coached/taught how to get through it.  Athletes, Musicians, Actors etc. all have coaches, they all have someone that supports them and helps them get into the mindset for them to push through a challenge.  This gives them the ability to grow, learn and push forward. The most successful people will tell you they learnt to push through and overcome the challenge, and most importantly LEARN from that experience.

So when we are talking about challenges we are talking about helping people to react in a way that helps them deal with the challenge, issue or obstacle in their path.  In a way that gets them excited, inspired and saying “Wow, here’s an opportunity to learn”.  Here is another way of looking at it in terms of serving your customers.  When you are doing the right thing they take it for granted.  However, when you get it wrong, that’s when they are looking to how you deal with it.  Here’s a little story to illustrate what  mean; I was recently onstage at a major hotels event.  A very large production where everything had to be correct.  Everything had to be rehearsed, checked and checked again.  The cue stand, the lighting, the audio, the marks for the performers EVERYTHING!  Unfortunately something very small went wrong while I was on stage.  A little gremlin had come in and decided to play tricks on us.  When I finished I went to the back of the room and the engineer automatically apologised to me.  I reassured him it was fine and said; “Mistakes happen, it’s how we deal with them that defines us”.  All the rehearsals went fine, but everyone dealt with the problem properly.

Sp my questions for you this month are:

“In your organisation, how do your people view challenges?”

“How do they view these issues?”

And the big one;

“How do YOU deal with it?”

You are the example they look to.  If you don’t deal with it very well they won’t either!

I hope that has helped you this month.  As always please feel free to contact us.  Remember we have my new Knowledge Gateway over at Bridle Infocus, where there is an extended version of this TOL in video.  We have a webinar on the 17th April with a discounted rate for Premium Members of our site.  Go check it out at http://bridleinfocus.com it’s only $99 USD per year.

Thanks and have a great month


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