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Confident to Deliver

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This month we are talking Confident to Deliver.  You see, we’ve got people that are working for us that we expect them to deliver a level of service.  Particularly if they are dealing with the customer, but even if they are not facing the customer themselves.  They are somewhere in the system and what they do has an impact on the customer.  Question is, do they have the confidence to deliver.  How can we get the very best out of people unless they have the confidence to be able to deliver the best? Think about some of the people that work for you.  Do you think they have the confidence to deliver what you require of them?  Because you can do all the training you like, you can do all the pushing and shoving and incentivizing you like but if they haven’t got the confidence to deliver then it all can be a waste of time.  So lets examine what the makeup of confidence is.  There are three things.  First of all the person has to have the knowledge and skills, but they have to believe that they have those knowledge and skills.  Do I have the requisite knowledge, skill, the ability to be able to do what is being asked of me.  So that’s one of the first things.

The second thing is the courage to take actions.  You’ll see some people who have loads of courage, they’ll go out there and do it and they don’t necessarily have the knowledge and skills to do it but the have the courage to do it.  That’s called bravado.  Bravado shouldn’t get mixed with self-confidence.   These are two different things.  So what are we looking for when we are looking for a confident person?  We are looking for somebody that has the belief that they have the knowledge and skills.  They have the courage to be able to take action, and finally they are at peace with themselves.  They are secure.  You know somebody who is secure is somebody who is not argumentative, they are open to learn, they are willing to learn, and they are always challenging to find the best way of doing things.  That comes from a level of self-security.  Somebody who is insecure is somebody who is not too sure about things.  And not quite really being able to put everything together.  You’ll often find that people that are very argumentative are people who tend to be insecure.

So three things that we’ve said.  One is do they have the knowledge and skills, the belief in their knowledge and skills to do it.  Do they have the courage to take action, and do they have the self-security in themselves to be able to deliver what is required of them?  So what I want you to do is to think about your own people, in fact you may want to do this exercise on yourself.  Think about your own people and take somebody as an example in your organization, and think through these questions that I’m going to ask you here.  If you’ve got that person in your mind, first of all do they really have the knowledge and skill and do they have the belief in their knowledge and skill?   The belief in it is that they not only have the knowledge and the information but they have the belief of how they can apply that knowledge and information.  Second one is do they have the courage to take action?  In other words are they somebody who’s got that inwardly in themselves, that courage, that strength to be able to take action even at times when going is rough not going very well?  And finally, are they at peace with themselves?  Is this somebody who feels at peace with themselves or not?  They are not affected by how everybody else talks to them, and so they are not argumentative, they are very open to being able to deal with what’s going on around them without feeling that it overwhelms them.  So think of somebody in those three areas and ask those three questions.  If fact ask them of yourself.  And if you’ve got a weakness in one of those three areas, measure yourself on a 1 to 10 in those three areas and see how you perform in terms of really having the necessary confidence to deliver.

I hope this has been useful to you, I hope this has given you a new way of thinking possibly or a rejuvenation of some of your thinking.  And most of all it’s been questions that can help you challenge yourself in terms of confidence.  Don’t mix up self-confidence with bravado.  Many people have bravado, that doesn’t mean that they are confident.  Have a great month and see you next month.  Bye for now.


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