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Dare to Be Free

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Main Feature

This month’s Thought on Leadership is about “Dare to be Free”.

Dare to be free.  People these days are not free.  They get themselves into a position where they are no longer in control of their lives, and as a result, not free.  What do I mean by that?  They are in debt.  They have got personal issues.  They have guilt that they are trying to overcome.  For a number of reasons we could be held back, and just not free, because we are having to pay back, deal with the guilt, address issues, etc. That is the challenge that all of us are facing, some of course, more than others.

From the point of this podcast what I was saying is dare to be free.  In other words, dare yourself to get to the point where you have got that freedom.  Where you can say; “It’s my life.  I want to get on with it.  I want to do it.  It’s my life.”  Many people don’t even have a plan for it. Many people are not even thinking that way.  In fact, worse than that, people are getting into the habit of being in that trench where they are no longer in control of anything, and once it becomes a habit, it is part of your life, it is what you expect.  I actually had somebody say to me, “Yes, well, everybody’s in debt aren’t they?”  Okay, it’s as though, we all have to live that way.  No, we don’t.  We can choose how we want it to be.  And when you have a choice — that’s when you are really free.  You have the freedom to be able to choose what you want to do in your life.

So this month, I wanted to challenge you and get you to think; are you daring to be free?  Do you dare to be free?  Do you dare to be free from some issues your own business could be holding back?

It can be something that is holding you down and stopping you from being able to go anywhere.  It can be debt, issues that you have, it can be relationships, it can be people you are dealing with, etc.  If that is the case then it is time to say; “enough of that, I need to move on.  Dare to be free”.

This month I ask you to think of a few questions, consider for yourself:

What am I doing about claiming freedom?  How am I going to get to the point where I can claim freedom?  How do I get to where it has become “my life”?  I dare you to be free.  I dare you to put yourself in a position where you are free because once you get in that position, just think what you could give back to life, think how much you can do with your life, how you can move forward in constant leaps and bounds.

So, give it some thought and by the way, this applies not only just to you personally, it applies to the people that work for you, your family, relations and friends.

I will be going into this in more detail in the subscriber section.

I hope you are having a great month, that you are busy and that all is well.

See you again next month.

Bye for now!

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