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Dedicate to Your Craft

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As the Olympics becomes a distant memory to most of us, I thought I would take a moment to reflect back with you, and tell you what really strikes me about the Olympics or for that matter any of these major sports events that take place.

I am always in awe of these people who have an absolute dedication to their craft.  ‘This is what I want to be, this is what I am good at and I am going to be the best of who I can be at doing this, so much so that I am going to be the best in the world at it.’  Even those who don’t make it to the podium, those who have been there and tried to be part of it and put their best into it.  It’s that dedication, it’s ‘what is the best I can be’, and ‘how can I show people what the best I can be is’.  So, they practice and their world goes into it, hours and hours of practice and work.  You know, I can remember reading about many athletes and many sports people around the world and things they’ve done, Jonny Wilkinson as a rugby player, who would spend hours and hours, two to three hours at a time just hitting, kicking the ball to get it in exactly the right position where he wanted it.  You know, Tiger Woods, hours spent on the course, walking the course, planning out games – you know, all of the best people in the world have that massive dedication to what they wanted/want to do.

And do you know something?  Leadership is not really that different.  If you really want to be good at it, it’s about a dedication to: ‘How can I prove myself as a leader?’  ‘How can I improve what I am as an individual?’  The very best I’ve seen in the world are the leaders that really do take it seriously.  They see this is as something that they need to work at, they don’t see this as something that: ‘Oh, I’m a natural’.  The moment you say, ‘Oh, I am a natural leader’, that’s when you’re going to have the ability to ‘fall off the cliff’ if you like, because your over-confidence actually undermines what you are trying to do.  It’s really the dedication and the working at it.

So, my question for you this month really is:

What’s your dedication?  To whatever it is, whether its leadership or anything else, is this something in your life that you’re absolutely dedicated to?  Is there something there that you are really focused on in your life?  Did you want to be the best of who you can be at it, and what are you doing about it?   Is it something that you just casually develop for yourself, or is it something that you really work hard at and focus on doing well?

So think about that this month, take the time, ‘what are you dedicated to improving?  If it’s your leadership skill, how are you going about it and how are you reinventing yourself, because let me tell you something, it is about reinventing yourself as well, those athletes have had to reinvent their style more than once.

Hope you have a great month!  See you again next month!

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