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Dressing the Part

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Dressing the Part

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Welcome to this months Thoughts on Leadership.

I am quite alarmed at how people are not taking into consideration how they are dressing for occasions.  I know the standard dress for a man; trousers, tie, shirt, jacket, suit etc. has changed.  Casual dress at work has become the norm.  You don’t see ties, I can’t remember the last time I wore a tie.  Things have changed, however, if we are not careful, with it has come a sense of sloppiness.  Do we really care about what we are?  How you look has an impression on people, especially when you meet for the first time.  If your Richard Branson you have got billions of dollars, then you can pretty much turn up in anything and people will accept you.  Why? … because your reputation comes before you.  That is not always the case.  It depends on whom you are dealing with.  You need a sense of style, a sense of professionalism accompanied with a sense of individuality, and cleanliness.

So my challenge/question for this month:

  1. Do you really think about how you present your self?
  2. Do you take some consideration for your ‘look’?

You have asked yourself the questions, now go look in the mirror.  Seriously, when you go to work in the morning have a look at yourself. How am I dressed? Sit down, Stand up again and look at how your clothes look now.  Creased? Messy?  When you get home at the end of your day, take another look.  See what had changed about you through the day.

Go do some research on how colour affects your ‘look’.  How certain clothes help give you shape or find a look.  Make sure it can hit these points; do you look professional?  Would I take me seriously? Am I consistent?  If I had a surprise customers or meeting would this be good enough?

We can get into a mental trap, where we have this image of how we look, but in reality the day has creased us up, we may have stains etc.  Of course, we are creating an impression through our dress, our facial expression, or gestures etc.  We have control to create a good impression, we can create a style, but also remember we need authenticity.

So over the next week, I want you to come up with a plan to make sure you are creating the right image.  To your customers, clients, co-workers, employees whom ever they may be. So you can get the business, the right mind-set, the reputation and credibility you deserve.

Have a great month.

– Paul

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