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Getting the Focus Right

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So here’s the question, what’s more important to you, being right or getting it right?

There is a difference.  And that’s why this month’s Thoughts on Leadership is ‘Getting the Right Focus’.  You see, its what you are focusing on?  If you’re focusing on being right, in other words everything is going to make me look good, it’s about me being good, it’s about me being right.  Then you get down a line of having to win, then it has to be confrontational, and then it’s all about the winning.  See it’s all about me.  Which is very much different about getting it right.  When you get it right it’s not about me.  It’s about the contribution I make compared to what everybody else makes, which finally ends up with the right result.  They are two very, very different focuses.  One is very inward, one is widened out.  And there are people who just don’t understand that difference.  As a leader our job is to help people make sure they do understand that difference.  Help them appreciate that difference.  When somebody is about being right all the time then it’s going to affect the way they think.  It’s going to affect their mindset.  It’s going to affect the approach they have on things.  Whereas if they are about getting it right, then they are focusing on the problem, therefore it’s not about me anymore.

Firstly, you as always have to be the role model in this.  Are you defining by your own behaviors what is the correct thing to do around here? Are you all about me, me, me?  Because I guarantee you, if they see you being like that then they are going to adopt it, or they are just going to fight you over it.  But if you are somebody who is not about being right, it’s about getting it right, then you are setting the example.

Reflect back on the last week, month, or a period of time (reasonable period of time), and think about your own behaviors.  Think what has been important to you: Is it about –

  • How you appear?
  • Whether you are seen as being right?
  • How much you have contributed to get what’s right, right; or what’s going on right.

Think back to conversations you have had, discussions you have had, particularly if they have been in a team environment or with other people.    Now is the time to check in with YOU, yourself:

Firstly, ask yourself what has your approach been.  In other words, what has your focus been on, yourself or on the task and the project?

Secondly, I want you to think about other people.  Pick some key players that you are working with, people on the team, and reflect back on how they are.  Are they that type of individual who is always about being right all the time?  And if you raise something with them they defend it and they fight for the sake of fighting?  Or are they the type of individual who is open and it does not matter whether they were right or wrong, it’s about what we can achieve at the end of it.  These are two very, very different characteristics.

Think about them, and start to identify in them what it is, what type of person they are.  What it is that they are doing?  Ask yourself finally what do I need to do about this?  Is this something that I need to change within myself?  That’s a good starting place always.  That’s what a good leader does.  Is it about them or helping them with the issue, because being a leader is about helping them with that.

So really think about it throughout this month: are you focusing on being right or on getting the right thing done?  And those around you, where is their focus as well?  An important part is there is no time for blame.  No time for the being right syndrome anywhere.

Have a great month and see you again next month.

Bye for now.


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