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Making Assumptions

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Hi and welcome to another ‘Thoughts on Leadership’.  This month we are talking about “Making Assumptions.”

I got to thinking, if we assumed that everybody else is inspired by what we were inspired by then we are in danger of treating them the way that we would want to be treated.  Think about it.  If, I am inspired by money, and I have somebody working for me, then the assumption is that, that person is also inspired by money – what motivates that person? What makes them come to work?  Its – okay, job satisfaction may have little to do with it, but that’s not a big thing.  What is important is obviously the money.  That’s me putting what gets me going and assuming that it is what makes that person the way they are as well.

And then the danger becomes that once we do that, we treat people in a certain way.  Having then treated them in that way, if they aren’t inspired or motivated in the same way we are, then the situation changes – “what’s wrong?  Why didn’t you feel like that?  Why aren’t you reacting the way I want you to react?”

To recap, the danger becomes that we start to try and treat other people the way we want to be treated instead of really understanding what it is that gets them going?  What is it that would really inspire them?

My question for you this month is:

Are you the type of person who is assuming you know what motivates you and using that on everybody else?  In other words, are you taking what gets you going and assuming that everybody else is going the same way or do you take the time to check it out?  Do you take the time to really discover what it is that makes that individual come to work, do a good job or whatever?  And we can’t assume that everybody is going to be the same.

As a leader it’s a constant process of trying to find out what really gets everybody going, as individuals – what inspires them, motivates them, etc.  So, we establish what gets John going, what motivates him, inspires him and everything else, and then Jane, and so-on.

This month what I want you to do is take time out and look at yourself and the way you deal with other people.  Catch yourself out; do you know what motivates you?  Okay, that’s the first question to be asking yourself.  Do you genuinely understand yourself?  Then, are you putting that on other people?  Are you treating other people in the way that you think you would want to be treated and so assuming that they are happy with that.

As always, we are going into more detail now in the other section; the subscribe section, but I hope this is giving you enough this month to get you thinking

I wish you well and I hope you are having a tremendous year!

All the best and thanks!

Bye for now!


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