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Hi!  Welcome to another thoughts on leadership.  This one is entitled “Mistakes”.

It’s a look at one of the common mistakes that leaders are making.  Now, I did some research recently talking to a group of managers and owners of businesses, asking what is the common mistakes they see in their leadership.  And it came out with quite a few interesting things.  But what I wanted you to do is — before I say anything – is look at yourself.  What are common mistakes that you see?  And what are the common mistakes that you see yourself making as well.  Do you take the time to look at that?  Because a thing to do is to learn from mistakes, not learning from mistakes is a wasted opportunity, if you like.  So, what are the mistakes?  How do you go about acknowledging the mistake and then dealing with them?  How do you go about capturing them, if you like, and finding ways of addressing them?

So, the questions to you this month is look at yourself and look at your organisation and think about these questions.  Are we actively looking for mistakes that we can learn from?  Are we consciously going out and trying to find, advertise if you like, our mistakes and then being able to do something with it?  Do we monitor for the mistakes that we can?  And then when we find mistakes, do we share the learning within the organisation?  Because it’s when you get that sort of buzz going around which is okay to talk about these things because this is an opportunity to learn, that makes a huge difference in an organisation.

Some of the common things that we are coming out in all of these were things like making decisions without having all the information or the evidence, okay.  And that can be a habit, something that you can get into doing, you don’t think about getting all the information; make snap judgements, so on and so forth.  This is something – this is like a habit that you got into.  This is a pit fall that you’ve got into your organisation is turning to.  And then another was information overload.  It is important to get information out to people.  We’ve had that previous discussions and thoughts on leadership like that.  But it’s the right stuff.  It’s not overloading them with information.  So, there are a number of things there which came out, I’d say about five or six of them there.  We’re going to more detail in the longer session but for this, I wanted to get you thinking about your own mistakes, thinking about your organisation’s mistakes and where is that missed opportunities in being able to work with some of those mistakes.

Remember that we’ve got the membership section now and you can go in there and get the longer version of this in more detail plus you get all the clips in the interviews that I do and so forth.  So, please feel free to join us there if you are interested.  And also I’ve got the monthly, “Ask Paul” section now, if you like.  And send me a question on  I’ve been getting some really great questions coming through.

I hope you have a good month!  See you next month!

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