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Pick a Lane

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Welcome to this month’s Thoughts on Leadership. This month is called “Pick a Lane”.
Have you ever met someone on the highway, they are in front of you, first they are in this lane, then they’re in that lane and they seem as though they are not be able to pick which lane they want to be in? I can be a bit like that!!
Sometimes we start down one road then go down another road, but then we want to go back there, and it gets all very confusing and the end result is you get nothing done.
There are people that you look at, and they seem to be able to do a number of things at once. Take for instance Richard Branson of the Virgin Group. Yes, he seems to have this business and that business, and yes there are a number of businesses that he is operating in and he seems to be able to do all of them, but does he really? He really has people in those businesses operating for him.
I am sure you know people who try and get themselves involved in too many things especially when they are starting out in business, or when the business needs their full attention, they are over here, they are there, over here — and they haven’t got the support around them to do that …….. that is like swapping and changing lanes. These people will never be really good at anything. They will always going to be pushing around and concentrating on switching lanes instead of finding the best way to get to where they need to be.
The question I want to ask you this month is:
Are you somebody who is switching lanes? Are you constantly trying to jump from one thing to another thing to another thing? Or are you focused?
There is a time where you may be able to switch things because you have the right people in the right places, because the circumstances are right, the business is mature enough — whatever — you could do a number of things at once. You can juggle, but there are going to be times when you cannot juggle — you are going to have to pay attention. You are going to have to strip yourself of things that are just getting in your way and holding you back. In other words, you could do really well in this lane but because you are trying to go between this lane and that lane, you are not good in either of them.
So, I wanted you to think about your life for this month. Check in with yourself.
Are you trying to do too many different things in too many different lanes? Or, are you somebody who is so focused on one lane that you get piled up in the traffic because you are just saying ‘I’m going to stay in this lane and nothing moves’?
There is a balance; there is a time to be in one lane and stick with it, and there is a time to be able to move across lanes, and you have got to be in control of that rather than it being in control of you.

That is it for this month. I hope you have a good month. I hope you’ve enjoyed this months Thoughts on Leadership.
Have a great month ahead of you and I’ll see you again next month! Bye for now!

– Paul

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