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The Strategy is Ok, But the Design is Important

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Main Feature

Hi and welcome to this month ‘Thoughts on Leadership’.

I’ve bought the following things in the last four to six weeks;

  • back-up drives, small and large,
  • Monocle magazine a fabulous magazine in a time when the publishing world is struggling Monocle has come out with the most fabulous business magazine,
  • An iPhone,
  • Logitech keyboard for my iPad, probably the best that I’ve come across.

These are all great products, but it is more than just the product.  It’s not just about the functionality and what they do, it’s the design, the thinking and putting together the design that has been important, it has been thought through, it’s that attention to detail.

Attention to detail is so critical these days, so many organisations and departments manage to get it pretty good, near enough, etc, etc, and do not appear worried about the details.

One thing that Steve Jobs taught us was that the engineering was as important as the design.  So, whatever we are doing, it’s about getting the product right but also about the design and having the attention to detail.

So, my question this month to you is; great you have a strategy in place, have you thought about how are you going to design that strategy?  How are you going to implement it?  Have you got the attention to detail?

I can remember the very first time I bought an iPhone and it arrived.  My son insisted that I open it.  I said, “Why?  You can open it for me.”  And he said, “No, you’ve got to have the experience.”  And sure enough, opening up the box, the way that it opens so beautifully, the way it works, I could just simply understand it.  The iPad, it’s so easy to use.  This Logitech keyboard that I’ve just brought – there was no massive manual that I had to go through and read, very quickly and intuitively I learned how to put this on so that I could use it with my iPad – such a great little device, great for using on the phone.

So, designing your experience, designing what you do in your organisation – what are you doing about it?

Ask yourself the question, when a customer comes in, is the whole thing a magical experience?  Is the whole thing going the way that you designed it?  If you don’t know what it should be then, if you haven’t designed it – it’s not going to be right!

If you have designed it but you haven’t followed through in terms of training and all the rest of it, then it’s not going to happen.

I hope this is something useful, I hope this gives you something to think about this month and really question yourself on having a great strategy – what’s the design – now that we need to make sure that it is implemented?

Have a good month and see you next month!


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