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Tapping and Sharing Knowledge

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We all attend events.  We sit in an auditorium, we listen to a guest speaker, you listen to the event.  And I do a lot of them; often I do the speaking part.

The question always is ‘what do you take away from it?’  And most of all what do you do as a result?  I find that a lot of people attend, they listen very attentively, they are making all these notes and they put the notes with every intention of doing something but do not follow through.  Worse than that, the organisation does not follow through either.

So, I got to thinking about it in terms of getting the best out of our people.  It’s also them getting the best out of the events and things that they are doing.  Whether it be meetings with clients, whether it be coming to a session such as this or whether it just be a day to day activity, how are you getting them to ensure they are drawing the best out and then using it for the benefit of the organisation?  Do you have, as part of your team meeting, a round robin discussion from everybody?  Who have you met this week?  What work sessions have you been to?  What learning have you undertaken? And how can you share that with other people in the team?

That’s the way learning and development is these days.  It’s about people taking ownership for their own development and it’s also about them sharing that with each other and within the teams that they work.

So, this month I got to thinking and challenge you with a question.

Are your teams;

  1. Taking ownership for their development?
  2. Are they sharing everything they learn?  And w

When we talk about development, I’m not using the word training deliberately.  I’m not talking about training sessions; I’m talking about development as in; what have you read?  What conversations have you had?  What sessions have you been to?  What online stuff have you been reading and studying?  And is there stuff that you can share with the team?  Because if you’re the leader aren’t encouraging this, proactively with them, then they’re not necessarily going to be doing it on their own accord.

So, the question, what are you doing about getting your team to think about taking ownership for their development and then sharing with each other?  Development in the widest sense of the word.

I hope you’re having a good month.  See you again next month.  Bye for now.

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