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The Power of Meaning

Posted: May 7th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Business, Leadership, Management | No Comments »

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Mean Feature

Hi, this months TOL is entitled, “The Power of Meaning”.  Anybody who has been successful has certain traits/characteristics, for example, sports people or musicians, actors, entrepreneurs.  All of these people have this push.  It’s extremely “MEANINGFUL” to them. It is something that satisfies them from within.  That internal push motivation to ‘Get it Done’, or more famously “Just Do It”.

As a result of that deep seeded desire, they are really prepared to put the effort in, their prepared to get their thinking correct, make mistakes and learn from them. They’ll put in the extra effort, and gp the extra mile.  They’re prepared to get their hands dirty!


Well it means that people who are working for you, their performance will dramatically improve the higher the level of ‘meaningfulness’ of their job.  This won’t just double their performance, this could  quantum leap their performance to a new level.

So helping people find, define and understand the meaning in their job is essential.  To think everyone has meaning in their job is simply untrue.  For a musician or an actor it’s not difficult to find meaning to their job.  However, some people that work for us or with us may not be able to have that meaning.  Maybe they’ve never found their meaning.  Maybe they’ve been going along asking “What’s my purpose in life?” and focused on that instead of “What’s meaningful to me?” And more importantly, “How do I make what I do meaningful to me?”

There is a big difference between knowing the purpose and how to add meaning.  One is looking for somebody else to give us an answer or a flash of inspiration.  The other is finding it for ourselves.

So my question this month is;


It’s your job as a leader to discover that, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM, but help them discover it within themselves.

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Have a great month and we’ll see you again next month.

– Paul


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