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Who’s Killing the Innovation?

Posted: November 1st, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Business, Leadership, Management | No Comments »

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It seems every time I pick up a magazine, read an article, or view websites on my iPad, the word ‘INNOVATION’ is being used.  This got me thinking, everybody wants to improve innovation within their company, organisation and business.  However, what I see in organisations is plenty of innovation, there’s just a lot of people killing it before it gets into ideas that can flourish.

So let me explain to you where I am coming from.  Just imagine your somebody working in your company and you strike upon an idea.  Now I have this idea where or to whom do I take it to?  Let’s keep in mind that these people maybe the best people to come up with ideas as they are on the front line, they’re doing the work and they can give insights that you and others may not have.

The number 1 issue is; Where do they go?  Who can they take this to?

Number 2; Have they got the confidence in whom ever they go to? Do they ‘get on’ with their manager?

Number 3; Is the manager doing something with it?  And do they understand the idea?

There are more people killing the innovation due to not getting feedback on their idea, not getting encouragement and then the issues around trust and confidence in management.

A recent study I read stated that a lot of ideas are killed because manager are either too scared to take it to the boss just incase they get the blame for it messing things up.  Or they have designs on a pet project that they want to push above other people’s ideas.

So ask yourself the question:

Who’s Killing the Innovation?


  1. Management
  2. Lack of ability
  3. Lack of Trust
  4. Lack of direction

There are people all over your organisation, in your office killing it.  They have great ideas but they need a pathway!

Have a great month.

– Paul

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